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If you've ever felt that writing success was elusive, and out of reach, it's time to take control.
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

Each week, I get a slew of messages from writers telling me their story, and asking me to give them the secret.

They want one SECRET...

Which of my guides, they ask, will take them from hobbyist to pro?

They're asking for a ticket to success, of course.

I point them to my blogs -- my writing blog, my freelancing blog, my "write a book" blog... when I started writing 30 years ago, I could never have imagined such a wealth of information, totally free.

But... They want success, and they want it now.

Finally I caved.

Want to take the express train to success?

OK, I'm giving you your ticket.

What does "success" mean to you?

Before we get started, please define what "success" means to you.

Maybe it means:
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Career security:
A waiting list of clients who are fun to work with, happy to pay the rates you charge, and pay you on time;
Time to relax, enjoy your family and friends, and have a social life;
Financial security:
All bills paid, and a nest egg;
Quitting your day job, and being your own boss.

Introducing the Pro Writer Success Package

Pro Writer Success Package
Four products, taking you from amateur writer to pro: here's your ticket. Get on the success train NOW.
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Copywriting You Can Do – What Will You Write As a Copywriter?
Everything you need to sell your writing services, even if you’re a complete newbie.

A $47 value...

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Freelance Writing Pro Secret: How to Get More and Better Clients Today
With my "show and tell" strategy, you'll use a standard business practice -- proposals -- which few writers (fewer than one in a thousand) use. This strategy is used by small businesses, and by large corporations, to get contracts. You'll use it in your own way.

A $47 value...

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Your Write to Sell System: Build a Powerful Platform For a Six-Figure Income
Become the one in one thousand writer who understands platform. Today, because of the intense competition, not only from other professional writers, but also from "writers", building your platform is vital.

A $97 value...

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Write AND Sell Your Ebooks With Angela's No-Fail Ebook Sales Formula
Tired of struggling? Here's some inspiration for you... An ebook called "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" made 21 million dollars in 2009.

Last year, Amanda Hocking wrote several short ebooks, and made 2 million dollars. Mike Geary makes a million dollars a month from his Six Pack abs ebook.

Publishing has changed. You're in charge, if you want to be. Discover the ebook sales formula that works.

A $97 value...

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The Pro Writer's Journey from $15 to $150 an Hour: all the tools you need for the success you want...

The Pro Writer Success Package has a nominal value of $300.

What's it worth to you? With the knowledge you'll gain from this program, you're on your way to a six-figure income and more.

This program is your ticket on the express train to success.

Ready? Grab your ticket on the express train to success today...

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