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Here's a complete list of my writing products. Click the product images to learn more.

Want to develop a six-figure writing income? Build your professional writing career and business FAST

Angela Booth
Angela Booth

If you want to develop a six-figure income from your writing business you can, with my ebooks, writing guides, writing classes, and training. Here's a complete list of my writing manuals and classes.

My writing career spans 30 years of professional writing. I started as a novelist in the early 1980s, and went on to write business books and magazine articles, while also writing
advertising and other copy for a stable of clients. I started offering writing teaching and training online in 2000.

Why should you care how long I've been writing?

Simply put: I know what works to develop an outstanding writing career.

I've seen the errors and the pitfalls (I've often made all the errors you can make, and fallen into the pits), so I know what I'm talking about. Every writing product I develop is backed with solid experience you can trust. I never, ever, try to teach anything I don't know. I've helped thousands of writers to develop highly paid careers, so the processes I teach work.

Moreover: I'm a writer, and I love to coach writers to success.

Over the years, many writers and writing publications have helped me. Coaching writers is a way of giving back: I know how frustrating and lonely the writing life can be.

Enjoy. By the way, if you need intensive coaching, I offer
writing coaching in many areas.)

Need something I haven't covered?
I release new writing guides throughout the year. I'm always working on new projects, as writers tell me what they need. If you subscribe to
Fab Freelance Writing Ezine (free writing tips each week), you'll hear about new projects as they're released -- and you'll be offered special deals on new products. These special deals are for loyal subscribers only... The only way to hear about them is to join us. (I promise to make it worth your while. Did I mention that Fab Freelance Writing Ezine is free? :-))

Explore my writing products

Here's a complete list of my writing products. Click the product images to learn more.