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If you want to start your own info empire, here's your chance to grab private label rights (PLR) to one of my products...

"Your Own Product, Ready to Sell, in Minutes..."

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The "marketing" niche is huge online, and this is a top-quality PLR product you can sell quickly.


A professionally written, proven product which makes money, with a sales page.

From this PLR content, you can create your own product which you can sell for $27 or more as a PDF, or sell it as a Kindle ebook.

(Make sure you edit it -- change the title, add some content -- if you're selling it on the Kindle.)

Hi Fellow Writer

You may think I've lost my mind: offering a solid money-maker as PLR.

Why, oh why -- I must be crazy, right?

This product sells well, so I know you're wondering why I'm offering it to you as PLR when I'm selling it here.

Here's why. Firstly, I have too many products, so I'm trimming my product list. Secondly, someone asked me whether I'd sell some products as PLR...

Oddly enough, I hadn't thought of it before. One of my writing students simply asked, and I said OK.

Visit this page to check out the product...

Here's the PLR license you receive

"Convert Instant Traffic to Instant Sales With Killer Press Releases" PLR License

[Yes] Can Be Added to a Paid Membership Site
[Yes] Can Be Offered as a Paid Ecourse
[Yes] Can Be Used on a Blog
[Yes] Can Be Packaged With Other Paid Products
[Yes] Can Be Offered As a Bonus to a Paid Product
[Yes] Can Be Sold in any Format You Choose
[Yes] Can Be Edited
[Yes] Can Claim Copyright But ONLY IF the Product Is Significantly Altered
[Yes] Can Be Used As Web Content
[Yes] Can Be Broken Down Into Articles
[Yes] Can Be Packaged Into Ebooks or Other Products (Audio, Video)
[Yes] Can Be Published via Amazon's Kindle (or formatted for other e-readers) -- BUT CANNOT use my name "Angela Booth" in promotions
[NO] Can Be Sold on Auction Sites
[NO] Can Be Be Given Away Free
[NO] Can Be Added to a Free Membership Site
[NO] Can Be Sold As PLR
[NO] Can Be Sold (or Offered Free) As Part of a WSO (Warrior Special Offer)
[NO] Can Use My Name "Angela Booth" In Promotions, or on the product

What's "PLR"?

If you're a new writer, you may be wondering what PLR is.

Basically, PLR content is content to which you get the rights. You can do anything you like with the content, within the limits of the license.

For example, you can:

* Sell it as-is, without doing anything at all. Add your own name and details, and sell it (I don't advise doing this, you need to put your own stamp on it…)

* Edit it, and put your own name on it, then sell it

* Use it as Web content, by splitting it up in any way you choose

* Sell it in any format -- as an ebook, as a series of ebooks, as a print book, or an audio or video course

* Use it as part of a membership site

* Give it away to get clients…

The possibilities are endless, because the content is YOURS.

What do you receive?

* An ebook, in editable MS Word format, 67 pages. Edit the ebook using Word. If you don't have MS Word, download Open Office;

* A list of press release sites;

* A press release template;

* A professionally written sales page, so you can start selling right away.

In short, you receive everything the full product contains, without the videos.

You can sell your product for any price you choose. If you're selling as a PDF, I recommend you charge over $27; if you're selling on the Kindle or another ebook platform, I recommend you charge $7.99 at least.

Only 20 PLR licenses will be sold

If you want a PLR license, be quick. I'm selling just 20 licenses. This means that you'll be able to do very well with the product.

Please don't use my name "Angela Booth" on the product, or to promote it

The product includes a sales page, directed to marketers (it's different from my own sales page on the product site), so you have everything you need to sell.

There's just one thing I ask you NOT to do, and that's use my name as the author of the product, or in your promotions.

It muddies the search engine and Amazon searches. Thanks. :-)

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Buy Now

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The package contains editable MS Word and text files, which you download instantly on payment. (Double-click the ZIP package, to reveal your files.)

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Create and sell your own product

This is as easy as it gets -- your own product to sell, in minutes.

Of course, you can contact me at any time to ask questions -- Julia and I are always thrilled to hear from you.

However, if you're completely new to PLR, I recommend that you get PLR Genius -- it will help you to create your own info products empire, based on PLR.


Angela Booth

Contact me.