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Want to create autopilot income? You can, with the Kindle. Amazon's traffic and reach presents a huge opportunity for writers...

"The Kindle Is A Huge Opportunity.

"Lay The Foundations Of An Autopilot

"Writing Income For Years To Come."

If you want to create an autopilot income from your writing, here's your chance.
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Hi Fellow Writer

I love the Kindle platform. It offers huge opportunities for writers who get in early, establishing themselves in this new environment.

Perhaps you've heard of John Locke, and Amanda Hocking, who've become fast millionaire writers thanks to the Kindle.

Recently I created an ezine issue devoted to the Kindle, and questions from writers haven't stopped.

Therefore, I've created a complete package for you which enables you to take advantage of this new opportunity.

It enables you to create autopilot income...

You can write ebooks and sell them yourself, or you can write them for others.

Once you learn the process, you can even set yourself up as a Kindle publisher -- format others' writing into Kindle format, upload their work to Amazon, and get paid $100 an hour for doing it. (When you know how, you can do this in minutes...)

Introducing: Kindle Gold Rush -- Auto Pilot Income For Writers

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Write fiction
Want to write novels and short stories? You can publish them on the Kindle, and make thousands of dollars each month;
If non-fiction's your preferred form of writing, the Kindle's made publishing easy and fast
You can make money from your creations for years to come;
Discover how to create ebooks FAST
Spend just an hour or so a day, creating multiple streams of income.

Here's what you receive in this package

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Publish Your Ebook With Amazon Kindle
PDF, 41 pages

Everything you need to know, to both create an ebook, and get it selling on Amazon.

Practical, easy to use information -- everything you need to know, without waffle.
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Write Genre Novels (Commercial Fiction) For Fun And Profit
PDF, 33 pages

Genre novels are popular, commercial novels which fit into a clearly defined category, or genre. The major fiction genres include: romance, mystery, horror, science fiction, thriller and fantasy.

I started out as a romance fiction novelist, almost 30 years ago. I love writing fiction. If you love telling stories too, this guide shows you the way.
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Write and Sell an eBook: Every Writer's Quick-Action Guide To Writing Ebooks
PDF, 35 pages

If you've been wondering about self-publishing online, this ebook is your key to complete publishing success.

It's very easy to write an ebook, and sell it – and it's very lucrative too. Everything you need to know to develop your own ebooks is presented right here. The material is presented in the form of three lessons, with exercises. Work your way through the lessons, and you've created your first ebook.
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Bonuses too, to help you to make the most of your Kindle publishing opportunities

Million-Dollar Writer: Freelancing Fiction
PDF, 14 pages

Discover the story of John Locke. Mr. Locke is now making over $100,000 each month writing digital novels. You can do this too.

Coaching, as always
As always, you receive 15 minutes of coaching with this package.

Start creating your Kindle autopilot income today

You receive everything you need to develop an amazing autopilot income using the Kindle platform... Enjoy.

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Join the thousands of writers who are already creating autopilot incomes

Enjoy this new program -- early readers love it, and have already used the information to great effect. You'll do this too.

Need help? You can ask for any help you need - at any time.

Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

I wish you all success.


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me. Please let me know of your successes. I love to hear from you. :-)