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Excerpt -- Make Money TODAY: Create "Instant" Products for Fast Cash

Here's a useful snippet from Make Money TODAY: Create "Instant" Products for Fast Cash...


Instant Product Strategy: One Product, One Solution

ONE idea per product…

Small products are fast to create, and they make great money.

Your chief concern when you're creating an info product is its size. The bigger the product, the longer it will take you to get it to the stage where you can sell it.

For example, let's say you want to create a weight loss product. You've recently lost weight, and you've found a method which works for you. Not only did it work for you, but while you were losing weight you explained your strategy to others, and it worked for them, too.

An aside…

I'd give credit for this insight if I could, but I no longer remember who shared it with me. Here's the insight: if you can make $600 from something you're doing online, you can make $6,000 sharing that method with others.When thinking about creating info products, that applies. If you've found something that works for you, you can teach others how to do it — you'll make money when you do that.

OK, back to our weight loss guide.

It took you a full year to lose the weight, so you want to include a lot of stuff in your product:

* Snippets from your weight loss diary, with images, showing the weight coming off;

* A 30-day meal plan;

* Nutritional information;

* Recipes;

* An audio interview with a nutritionist;

* An exercise plan;

* A complete how-to instructional guide (PDF);

* A video series on how to make diet food appetizing…

* And…

Can you see where I'm going with this?

Obviously, the more STUFF you include in your product, the longer the creation process will take. And the longer it takes the more you'll be in danger of procrastinating. Your product won't get done, because there's so much to do that you end up confused and depressed.

NEVER do that!

Keep your products SMALL.

This helps your buyers, because change is hard. When you're selling info products, you're selling material which will help your buyers to make changes in their lives. The more material they have to plough through, the greater the chance that life gets in the way… there's just so much in your product, they make no changes at all. Your wonderful product is quickly forgotten: your buyer wasted his dollars.

Small products are fast to create, they're easy for buyers to consume, and they make money.

So, rather than creating "everything included" products, create a short report, or an ebook, or a series of five videos. Teach your buyers ONE solution, in your product. Keep it as simple as you can. Everyone benefits.

Buy Make Money TODAY: Create "Instant" Products for Fast Cash.