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If you want to build your writing career, it's vital to build your writing skills. Angela Booth's products contain practical information you can use right away, to build your skills step by step. The information is tested by Angela’s students, and it works.

Let Angela mentor YOU. Angela's spent 30 years building a successful writing career: she knows what works, and what doesn't. You can become a professional writer today. If you're already a professional writer, and are already selling your writing, Angela's products help you to take your writing to the next level.

Here is a list of Angela's current products.

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Get free coaching with most of my products
I want you to LOVE your writing, and to get everything you possibly can from my products, so I offer free coaching with most of them.

Here's what one writer said about the coaching:
"I purchased a product from Angela Booth which was a thorough and easy to understand tutorial on PLR writing. As it came with the promise of one hour of coaching, I sent off a series of questions to Angela. Within about an hour I had a reply which was extremely detailed and very friendly in tone. Since then I have asked for guidance several more times and each time an answer has come back within hours, always very helpful as well as warm and encouraging. My confidence as a writer has grown and I feel I have a new friend who is anxious for me to succeed!" Robin (link to come, as soon as Robin gets her new site online.)

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