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About Angela Booth

I started writing in the 1970s, which means I've been a successful writer for 30 years. I’ve written everything from romance novels and business books, to software reviews and catalog copy.

Primarily, I'm a copywriter. I've written for large corporations like national banks, companies like hp, as well as for small businesses.

I also teach writing. I started teaching writing because I wish that I’d had more resources when I was starting out, and because I enjoy writing about writing and interacting with other writers. I nevertheless maintain a busy copywriting practice, because I love writing copy.

I have a number of popular writing blogs -- please enjoy them.

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Happy writing. :-)

About Writing Genii -- your source for writing help and instruction online

Want to become a writing genius — a highly paid writer, who writes for pleasure, as well as for money?

Angela Booth’s Writing Genii is here to help. You’ll find descriptions and links to all of Angela’s writing guides, and writing classes.

How much money do you want to make writing?

There’s never been a better time to be a writer. You have unlimited opportunities. All you need to do is discover that these opportunities exist, and grab them.

However, in this time of milk and honey for writers, there’s also danger.

Avoid the dangers — grab the opportunities

The world of writing has changed in the past decade. With the explosive growth of the web, writers have much more power in one way, and in another, they have much less power.

Writers have immense power because they can now be instant publishers. You can write your words and have those words read by millions of people within seconds. You can create an information product like an ebook within a week or two, and can make millions of dollars with it.

Here’s the obverse of this happy state of affairs: writers also have much less power, because writing has become a commodity.

Anyone who wants to string a few words together can call himself a “writer”, and can get paid. In any commodity market, price rules. Margins are slim.

The danger is that prices are driven lower, and lower. However, while there are writers who who are selling their words for pennies, there are also writers who are selling their words for a dollar a word, and more.

These are the professional writers, who know that writing is a career, and can be an extremely lucrative business.

If you can’t leap out of the generic writing-as-commodity market, you’ll wear your fingertips away pounding your keyboard until you burn out, making little money.

How do you get out of the writing-commodity trade and become a professional writer? Essentially, you learn. The more you know, the more your skills improve, and the more you’re paid, because your words make more money for your buyers.

Big tip: it’s easier to write for clients who need your special skills, and know what a professional writer can do for them.

Writing Genii has one aim: to help you to become the writer you were born to be. I wish you all success.