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With 30 MILLION pieces of content flowing onto the Web each day, it’s hard to get attention, and build your creative business. Our Free Content Library will help to make it easier. Currently there are three free ebooks for you to download; we’ll let you know about the new titles as they’re published. Join us, and download your free content.

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3 free ebooks available now… More on the way

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Write a Book and Keep Your Sanity! (Powerful and Fun Tips from Angela Booth to Help You To Write)

Write a Book and Keep Your Sanity!

PDF, 25 pages

Are you STUCK writing your book? Don’t know how to get started? Did you write a book which you’re to nervous to publish?

These tips will help you to write. I’ve been writing books since the late 1970s. I’ve written novels and business books for major publishers, and in the past decade, I’ve focused on ebooks. I love writing books, and over the years, I’ve found some tricks and strategies which help me to focus, and complete every book I start.


 Blog Content Cash: Make Money from Your Blog’s Content

Blog Content Cash: Make Money from Your Blog's ContentPDF, 19 pages.

Blogs are powerful.If you’re a new writer, your blog is giving you confidence that you can make it as a writer. It’s also a superb “writing sample” – your clients can assess your style, and decide whether you’re the writer they want to work with. If you’re an established writer, your blog builds your visibility, platform, and readership.

But with all its benefits, you may feel you should be getting more out of your blog. You can.

  Your Just-In-Time Cash Machine: Sell Your Services Online In Seven Days

Sell Your Services Online In Seven Days

PDF, 56 pages
Making consistent money online is a lot easier than you think. I promise you that if you follow the instructions in this guide, you’ll be making money within seven days. From then on, you can use this just-in-time
money-making system whenever you wish. You’ll feel much more confident, when you know you can make it rain money at any time.

Moreover, you can parlay this basic method into many different ways of making money.

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New Giveaway: Creative Content

Creative Content

Thank you for your messages, we’re glad you enjoyed out first giveaway. The winner to our 8-Hour Wins giveaway is Emily Fowler, from the UK. If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we have a new giveaway for you, the prize this time is Creative Content Secrets: Create Six-Figure Content in 2015.

From the Creative Content page:

We’re living in amazing times. Never before in history has it been possible for one writer, alone, operating from a laptop, with his sofa as his home office, to make not just a six-figure income, but in many cases, a seven figure income.

Most writers however, make much less. This is sad, because they have most of the pieces in place to make $100,000 a year, and more.

I should have announced last time, but forgot — if you own any of the products we have as prizes in giveaways, you can choose ANY product we have in our online store as an alternative prize.

So, do enter… :-)

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